Thabo Mbeki gives in few words the fundamental problem in the DRC: Do you agree with it?

Any body think anything about the situation in the DRC. We would like to get an opinion of a Congolese analyst and of Congolese people from the east side.


Nelson Mandela by Juliette R Ngunga

by OTMulombo

at the funerals of Nelson Mandela held in Cape Town, Juliette R Ngunga, a talented young woman, originaly from Congo DRC, made ​​a little story with her phone Samaung S2 in honor to the Icon of peace, Tata Madiba.

Aux obseques de Nelson Mandela organisés à Cape Town, Juliette R Ngunga, une jeune talentueuse congolaise d’origine a réalisé un petit reportage, avec son telephone Samaung S2, en l’honneur de l’Icone de la paix, Tata Madiba.